PIANC UK hopes that everyone who registers for the AGA will be able to attend. PIANC  UK knows extenuating circumstances do occur, but every registration incurs costs and commitments for the Organising Committee. The PIANC Cancellation and Refund Policies are as follows:

AGA registration [participant and /or partner] cancelled on or before 01/03/2021 is refundable, subject to an administration fee of £25 per person.

Cancellations must be sent in writing or by personal e-mail to the AGA organisers;

Bright, 3.10 Paintworks, Bath Rd, Bristol, BS4 3EH, United Kingdom

Registrants [participant and /or partner] cancelling after 01/03/2021 will not receive a refund. Registration fees [participant and /or partner] may be transferred to another individual, subject to a £25.00 administration fee.

In the unlikely event that the AGA is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, PIANC UK will refund the cost of registration. However, PIANC UK does not assume responsibility for any additional costs, charges, or expenses, including charges made for travel and lodging.

Hotel and travel cancellation enquiries should be directed to the providers directly. PIANC UK will not enter into any communication regarding third party cancellation policies. Registrants are advised to have travel insurance that will reimburse their costs in the event that they are unable to attend the AGA for any reason.

Suspension Bridge, Bristol